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Meet Our Team

We care about the well being of our clients and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. We do that by creating dialogues with our clients so that we clearly know what they want and need and we create a win-win scenario for them. Our goal is for them to be happy with the end result and with our services.

Hi! I'm Jessica.

My name is Jessica… and I have been a Realtor and Broker for more than 20 years. I started out as a home owner who was unsatisfied with the help I was given in purchasing my new home. I saw how vulnerable it could be when purchasing for the first time. I wanted to provide the guidance that I was not given through the ups and downs of the complicated process for first-time home buyers.  That is what inspired me to become a Realtor. I knew what service I could provide to others, especially those in my community.

I started in business when I was 18 years old, having been mentored by Jim Rohn at that very young age.  The personal development and the knowledge I obtained during those years made it easy for me to decide to become a Broker.  This allowed me to not only create a business for myself, but also to start helping others grow in the same manner as when I was starting out.

In this path of growth and discovery I’ve had the privilege of being a licensed realtor in Connecticut,  Massachusetts & New York and also having the necessary experience of being a successful investor and most importantly, generating results, I can be your go-to consultant to make key investments in real estate.

One of my favorite experiences as a Realtor, is having customers who I helped purchase a home in the past look for me when their family and friends (or themselves) are looking to purchase. I’m happy to have made the experience good enough for them to remember me  after so many years.

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