19+ years in the market

It’s all about creating long term relationships!


17+ years is a lot of time doing what we love. We’ve been able to help a lot of customers find their ideal home.

We pride ourselves in being able to learn more about the needs and concerns of first time sellers & buyers.

We love creating a win-win situation!


We care about the well being of our clients and we will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. We do that by creating dialogues with our clients so that we clearly know what they want and need and we create a win-win scenario for them. Our goal is for them to be happy with the end result and with our services.

Meet our broker:

Jessica Mata
My name is Jessica… and I have been a Realtor and Broker for more than 17 years. One of my favorite experiences as a Broker, is that of having customers who I helped purchase a home in the past look for me when their family and friends (or themselves) are looking to purchase a new home. I’m very happy to have made the experience good enough for them to remember me and want to work with me again after so many years.
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Meet our team:

Georgina Hernandez

I am Georgina Hernandez a confident, experienced, compassionate and dedicated Realtor. I have experience in Real Estate and Property Management and managed 217 apartment homes in Washington State. I speak Spanish and I am able to serve a broad community. I am known for supporting and guiding my clients in getting what they want in the buying and selling process of their home.

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Carlos Ortega
I joined the United States Air Force studied civil engineering for 4 years. I worked as a cabinet maker for many years before becoming a licensed contractor, first as a C-6 (cabinetry & millwork) then added C-5 (framing & drywall) and lastly a B license (general contractor). Now, I’m working with Alpha Real Estate as a Realtor and Real Estate Investor, while still running O.Z. Builders.
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Alfonso Murillo
I am Alfonso Murillo. After working hard for many years and raising a family, I retired with the thought of entering the Real Estate world as a Realtor. I wanted to be of help to young families and be there to see them go through the experience of the All-American dream of owning a home.I will support you and walk you through the process of making the best decision for you and your family
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Javier Galvez

Hi, I’m Javier Galvez a caring, friendly and experienced Realtor who has  been in Real Estate for over 11 years. I have purchased several homes myself and enjoy remodeling them and helping others remodel and flip homes. I have experience with First time home buyers and Sellers. I am the “Go to” person for my friends and family and I would be honored to represent you as well.

Call me anytime with no obligation. I am ready to work hard for you!

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Baldomero Sanudo

I have been in Real Estate for over 15 years and have experience with: Short sales, First time Home Buyers and Sellers. I got into Real Estate because I wanted to better myself, my family and also help other families achieve the American Dream of becoming homeowners.

Real Estate to me means: Opportunity! Opportunity to move forward, live a better life and leave a legacy for our children.

I am experienced, persistent, honest and speak Spanish. Call me today!

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Mellisa Wada

Mellisa’s experience in all aspects of the home buying process through both new and resale properties gives her clients a distinct advantage when it comes to the contracts, negotiating and sales process. Her passion for Real Estate is evident in her dedication to her continuing education in her field, knowledge of current market conditions and fluctuations.

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Ready to find your DREAM house?

Refinancing or Buying a New Property?

A lot of clients usually asks us: “What’s better… Refinancing or Selling my house to buy a new property?” The answer isn’t that simple… You should consider a lot of factors before choosing the best strategy for you.

Knowing which type of Loan or Credit is the best one for you!


Sometimes, our clients want to buy a new house, but they don’t have all the money to pay 100% of it. We are glad to help find the best loan or credit options for them!

Let US find your dream house for you!


Looking for a new home is supposed to be a dream-like experience… We invest our efforts, time and money trying to find that special place… Sometimes, the experience can be diminished by all the paperwork, unprofessional people or even lack of budget… That’s why you need a professional to guide you, someone with 17+ years of experience… Someone like us!

Understanding when it’s time to sell a property is the key for a better future!


Selling your home is one of the most important transactions an individual may face. A lot of things come to mind that may cause unnecessary stress. It’s especially hard if it’s the first time you’re involved in the selling process. You may not know what documents are needed, who to talk to, what to pay… and that’s the recipe for a potential disaster that can increase the time and money you have to spend trying to sell your home…  Trust us – You don’t need that!

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